The Pakawalups are three sisters: Cathie, Sue and Vicki.  Our dad, Vince, was a B-17 pilot who was assigned to the 401st Bomb Group in Deenthorpe, England during World War II.  The 401st Bomb Group was a division of the Mighty 8th Air Force.  The "Pakawalup" was the name of his favorite plane and since we're the kind of gals that like to "pakawalup" we decided to name our group The Pakawalups.

The Pakawalups perform a "patriotic" show that showcases songs made famous by the many talented acts during the war years.  We are all about keeping memories alive and "hearts and spirits dancing!"  Take a walk down memory lane with such hits as "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree", Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings" and many more nostalgic songs.  The Pakawalups perform with our own professional backing tracks.